One of the goals of Afrifest Foundation is to promote and foster the development of Pan African arts and culture education and support other organizations, events, and community groups in their pursuit of Pan African arts education excellence.

The foundation seeks to provide leadership and vision, and delivers services, resources and tools that strengthen Pan African Artists and cultural organizations in MN and beyond. Our goal is to promote and showcase the many diverse talents of our artists and cultural organizations and help them achieve their next level. Throughout the years, our partnership with the VanBrabson Gallery and outstanding artists like Rabi Sanfo has proved to be a fruitful and rewarding one.

We gladly welcome artists and organizations to partner with us in this worthwhile mission…


Pan African Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness Training — Consultancy services to organizations, educators, and governmental bodies as they seek to interact with and serve the diverse Pan African community.

With the influx of new Pan Africans in MN and the wider USA, Afrifest Foundation is partnering up with noted Professor Joseph Mbele to offer Pan African Sensitivity and Awareness training and seminars to interested organizations, governmental bodies, and companies.

It’s our differences that make us unique and interesting, but without the proper training and awareness organizations and companies run the risk of offending entire communities, target audiences, and clients. Afrifest Foundation seeks to be your partner in helping you navigate Pan African cultural land mines and improve communications and respect between diverse communities and stakeholders.

To learn more about this important mission and work, or join our network of providers please don’t hesitate to contact us today…


Pan African Arts and Cultural Center-Develop, fundraise, and execute plans for a Pan African Arts and Cultural Center.

By far one of the Afrifest Foundation’s most ambitious goals is the development, creation, and execution of a Pan African Arts and Cultural Center in MN. The vision and dream behind this worthwhile mission is a simple one…a place where Pan Africans and other audiences can go to experience their arts and cultures, discuss and solve community issues, and enlighten and educate others about their lives, hopes, and dreams.

We gladly welcome the community, our partners, sponsors, and organizations to partner with us in this worthwhile mission…